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Great Falls Elementary
Playground Rules

  • Students should play tag games in the field. No tag games or running on the wood chips.
  • On all climbing apparatus, students should have three body parts attached at all times - one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot.
  • No sitting on top of the monkey bars or the spider.
  • Kids with flip-flops and crocs cannot use the climbing apparatus.
  • No climbing on the outside of the equipment.
  • The slides are to slide down, on bottom only. Climbing up the slide or sending toys down the slide are not safe.
  • The monkey bars are a one-way street. The monkey bars begin at the pods. If kids cannot reach the bars, it is an indication they are not tall enough to use them. The drop to the wood chips would be dangerous. Do not lift students up to reach.
  • Tag football is allowed; not tackle. Nerf footballs for K-2 and rubber footballs for 3-5.
  • Use of hard balls and bats is prohibited.
  • Please do not allow students out to the black fence.
  • Organized games should be inclusive and monitored.
  • K-5 students must wear snow pants, mittens/gloves, and boots to play in the snow. If not dressed appropriately, they must play on the blacktop. There are no exceptions unless there is an announcement from the office.
  • During the snow season when there may be many students on the black top, balls and other projectiles may not be used except in 4 square games.
  • Wall Ball is not allowed at Great Falls. There are too many windows!
  • There is a max of 8 students allowed on the rocking boat.
  • There is no jumping off or twisting chains of the swings.
  • Only 2 students at a time on the teeter totter.

Last Modified: Sep 07, 2011
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