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Great Falls Elementary School

September 1, 2016

Dear Great Falls Families,

Welcome back! We are officially in full swing and loving every moment! Every staff member, student, and parent has been working hard to get Great Falls up and running for a productive and successful year! Check out the school calendar at Great Falls Family Calendar 2016-2017.

Our custodians…
Our custodians have been working hard since the beginning of July to get our school in tip top shape for the opening week. We are extremely fortunate to be blessed with this amazing and beautiful facility! Our diligent crew has made sure that the windows are sparkling, the floors are gleaming, the desks are shiny, and the dust bunnies are gone. Our school looks great and we are very appreciative of their painstaking attention to every aspect of our building. If you are interested in knowing more about facilities you can link to Gorham Facilities Management.

Our bus drivers…
Our bus drivers have been practicing routes, attending trainings, and preparing to greet your children as they embark on their new journey! They are eager to make connections with kids while safely transporting them to and from school each and every day. Questions about bus routes and transportation? Check out their website at Gorham Transportation.

Our lunch staff…
The kitchen crew has been ordering yummy local produce, reviewing the menus, prepping the kitchen, and getting ready to provide a great lunch experience for your child! Plan ahead by checking out the school lunch menu and registering for the online payment system, PayPAMS at Gorham Food Services.

Our staff…
Teachers and staff members have been visiting Great Falls throughout July and August to prepare their physical spaces, while also attending workshops and trainings. A lot goes on behind the scenes and throughout the summer months to prepare for the start of the year! The office staff has completed many new registrations, mastered student bus destinations, and prepared all the documents necessary to collect information to effectively communicate with our families. The Great Falls staff has made sure that their instructional techniques and strategies are on target to help all students meet grade level standards. Teacher teams continue to work collaboratively to implement quality lessons that are thoughtful, engaging, and tied to our curricula goals. Character education is always a priority and staff will continue to focus on addressing the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of our students through pro-social education. Character education and establishing a positive classroom community are always a priority during the first few weeks of school. Our staff does a fabulous job at setting the stage for a collaborative, productive year to come. Be sure to peruse staff websites, blogs and more at Great Falls Staff Email and Websites.

Our parents…
We could not do what we do without the continual support from you! Thank you for attending Kindergarten Orientation and Open House! Our parent community makes it possible for the Great Falls staff to successfully teach our students. Please consider volunteering in our school by completing the annual registration form at Volunteer Information. You shopped for supplies, new sneakers, established nighttime structure, packed healthy school snacks and lunches, made after school childcare arrangements, and completed many school forms. You have instilled in your child a positive attitude about school and learning. Through clear communication, at home support with routines and homework, participation at school events, and more, you help to establish a positive home/school connection that is necessary for the success of our students. Thank you today and thank you every day for supporting Great Falls in achieving our district vision…

"Prepare and Inspire!"

Our students…
They are the heart of our work! They are our focus as we aim to prepare and inspire! It has been such fun watching our students become reacquainted with old friends while meeting new ones. The returning students have been wonderful role models and guides for our Kindergarten students. The lively conversations happening in the cafeteria, on the playground, and during team building activities are energizing and amusing. Every incredible child walking through our school reminds me every day of why we do what we do. Our kids are the reason and are at the center of every decision we make and every action we take!

At Great Falls School we are dedicated to success.  We value skill, knowledge, and excellence in all areas. Our mission is to prepare and enable all learners to grow everyday.  Our sights are set on being ready for the world of today and of tomorrow. In an environment that fosters kindness and safety, we work to ensure that all children and adults will reach high standards of scholarship, character, and citizenship.

We are ready! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions and feedback. I am available through email at and by phone at 222-1050. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at and my blog at where I will be making frequent updates on the happenings at Great Falls.

Happy September!


Becky Fortier
Great Falls Principal

Last Modified: Aug 31, 2016
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