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Great Falls Elementary School
73 Justice Way
Gorham, Maine 04038

February 9, 2015
Dear Great Falls Families,

This letter is to inform you that there will be a Service Dog visiting our school to assist one of our students starting after the February winter vacation.

This Service Dog is named Pumpkin and is in the training process to be a companion for our student. Pumpkin will be able to assist in many of the routine activities which may pose some challenges for this student. Service Dogs are comparable to Guide Service Dogs and are included in every aspect of the student’s life. The child’s right to have a Service Dog is protected under Human Rights legislation.

The Great Falls staff is working with the parent and trainer to implement a gradual schedule for Pumpkin’s visits to Great Falls. Common concerns such as allergies and fear of dogs are being addressed. There will be information sessions for our staff and students to integrate Pumpkin into our routines. Students will be informed that they may see Pumpkin in our building and that Pumpkin is a working Service Dog and not a pet.

Already, the Service Dog has been a great benefit to the student. This is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to a lot of growth and learning together.

The Gorham Schools policy on Service Animals can be found at: Service Animals in School Code: IMGA
Thank you for your understanding, support, and interest. Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to Becky Fortier, Great Falls Assistant Principal at 222-1050 or Kathy Hamblen, Director of Special Education, at 222-1002.


Becky Fortier

Great Falls Assistant Principal

Last Modified: Feb 08, 2015
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school